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Introduction to African Candles

African Ethnic Candle Welcome to! We have a passion for unique candles! and a passion for all things African, including the Wildlife!. So by combining the two, we bring you African Candles! (Ethnic and Wildlife) Hence our slogan: "Capturing the fire of Africa"

We hope you will find our rich collection of candles, our collection of African Candles, our Big 5 collection of candles as well as the other more contemporary ranges of candles all pleasing to the eye and enlightening. (excuse the pun!)


We also have a large range of unique candle holders. Please feel free to browse our website. You might just find something to brighten your day, or is that night? But, these candles are so beautiful, one wouldn't want to burn it! So, enhance your ready splendidly decorated house or office with these magnificently carved candles!

If you really aren't into the ethnic look, view our contemporary range of candles. We are sure you will find that one special candle that will speak to your heart!

Big 5 Disk Candle


African Candles | Big 5 | Ethnic | Dolphin Candles | Candle Holders

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